Proline offers many diverse workbench technologies to make your production and laboratory work flow more smoothly, and maximize your use of ergonomic engineering in the process. Value and smart engineering are kindred spirits at Proline.

Below, is the full list of items covered by our product line. Clickable Links are given for items presented on this website. As you can see, we have more Website content coming. But, in the interim, please download our current catalog. or give us a call to discuss your needs. We want to work with you.


Site Map

Adjustable Metal Shelf
Airquick Disconnect
Articulating Bin Holder
Articulating Monitor Arm
Back Guard
Bench Top Ionizer
Bin Holder
Built In Lazy Susan
Cantilever Shelf (Plastic Laminate)
Chatter/Privacy Shields
Conveyor Pallets
Corkboard Tack Board
Corner Units
Document Holder
Dual Axis Tool Suspension Frame
Dual Operator Monitor
Electrical Supply (15 Amps)
Electrical Supply (20 Amps)
Electrical Supply Mounting Rail
End Guard
End Panel (Steel)
End Panel (Plastic Laminate)
ESD Ground Kits
European Electrical Supplies
Footrest Guard
Free Standing Footrest
Full Width Lower Shelf
Guard Rail
Heavy Duty Monitor Arm
Heavy Duty Uprights
Inspection Light (3 Diopter)
Lazy Susan
Leg Extenders
Louvered Panels (For Mounting Bins)
Magnifier Light Bracket
Modesty Panel
Modular Drawer System
Neutralizing Air Nozzle
Overhead Ionizer
Overhead Light Frame
Pad Lock Drawer
Pivoting Tool Holder
Pull Out Keyboard
Pull Out Writing Shelf
Purse Holder
Purse Holder With Back
Retrofit Kit
Standard Lower Shelf
Steel Peg Board
Slanted Wire Shelf
Sliding Door Cabinet
Solder Spool Holder
Split Upright System
Standard Electrical Supply
Tool Holder
Surface Tester
Tool Balancer
Tool Balancer Holder
Tool Suspension Frame I
Tool Suspension Frame II
Torque Arm
Torque Arm / Balancer And Stand
Tubular Instrument Shelf
Under Shelf Pull Out Keyboard Tray
Wire Cantilever Shelves
Wire Management Grommet
Wire Management System
Wire Spool Holder
Workstation Monitor
Wrist Strap
Work Surface Tilt Mechanism  (0°-30°)

Basic Workstations, Workbenches
Back Light Stations
Basic Workbenches
Belt Conveyor Workbench
Built In Gravity Roller Conveyor
CHD Leg Extenders for Workbench CHD
Corner Units
CPU Holder
Dimension Next Workbenches
Fixed Ball Transfer Tables
FlexLine Systems Workbenches
FlexLine Systems Open Frame - Over Conveyor
Heavy Duty Ergo-Line Workbench, Hand Crank
Heavy Duty Pedestal Work Bench Model PCP
Height Adjustable RT Stations
Laminar Flow Workbench "Class 100"
LAN Workbenches
Millennium II - "Electric Adjust" Model MVSII
Model CHD Workbench
Model HD Work Bench
Model MVSII Workbench
Modular Instrument Shelf
Pedestal Workbench - Model PCP
POS Gravity Fed Rack Workbench
Progressive Assembly
Quad CHD
Retractable Ball Transfer Workbenches
Standard Ball Layouts
Standard Duty Cabinet
Technical Workstation (Cockpit Station)
Technician Workbench
Wire Harness Work Benches
Workstation (Cockpit Station)

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Proline/Pro-Lab Products
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Definitions - Work Station, Workbench

L.A.N./Computer Workbenches
Computer Tables
CPU Holder
Keyboard Trays
Heavy Duty LAN - Model LNHD Work Benches
L.A.N. Stations - Model LNFL Work Benches
Model LNHD Workbench
Model LNFL Workbench
Injuries-prevented-with-ergonomics - Ergonomics and Industry Related

Materials Handling Products
Belt Conveyor Workbench/Workstation
Bin Holder Cart
Built In Gravity Roller Conveyor
Cantilever Shelf Cart
Electric Vertical Lift
Flow Racking
Kitting Cart
Laminate Shelf Carts
Mobile Retractable Ball Transfers - Model MRBT
Mobile Storage Carts
Model DIRBT (The Inline Worksbench)
Model MRBT
Model RT
Portable Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
Reel Feed Cart
Reel Transport Cart
Retractable Ball Transfer Stations - Model RT
Standard Ball Layouts
Three Shelf Service Truck
Turn Tables
Utility Cart
Workstation Feed Cart

Packaging / Mail Room Workstations
Built In Scale Shelf
Cardboard Storage Stand
Complete Pack Bench - Model CPB
Packaging Tables
Packaging Station
Pack benches
ESD pack benches
Height Adjustable Packaging Station - Model ELHCPB

Mail Room Sorters
   30-Bin Horizontal Sorter
   30-Bin Pass Thru Sorter
   Vertical Sorter
Model CPB
Model PB
Packaging Work Bench - Model CPB
Packaging Workstations - Model PB
Pack Stand
Paper Cutter
Rotary Shear Cutter
Scale Stand

Quickship Program
Riser Shelves for Workbenches
Spanish Language Version
Stock Workbench Accessories
Stock Workbenches

Work Surfaces
Work Surfaces for Workbenches
ESD Work Surfaces
Stainless steel worksurfaces

Pro-Lab Series Workbenches
Cleanroom Adjustable Height - Model CRMVSII
Cleanroom Fixed Height - Model CR Workbench
Dimension Next Lab Workbench - Model DNL
Model HDL - Epoxy Resin or Chem-Guard Surfaces
Model HD Stainless Steel Frame - Model HDSS
Model LHD Mobile Lab Bench
Clean room table
Stainless steel benches
Lab Tables