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The aesthetics of the Model HD Heavy Duty Workbenches combined with the heavy duty, independent four leg design and the almost infinite selection of modular accessories have made this model the workbench of choice for industrial production and lab areas at almost every Fortune 500 company in America. With an unbeatable price vs. quality, you cannot go wrong with our most popular model. Available as an ESD bench by adding optional ESD (electrostatic dissipative) laminate surface.

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PROLINE Industrial Workbenches

For more than 40 years, PROLINE has been proudly manufacturing durable, ergonomic, workbenches, industrial workstations, and material handling equipment for all your service needs.

Our modular solutions increase employee productivity. Browse our Idea File. Download your Catalog to get some ideas, or use our Build-a-Bench program to design your own workbench and produce a 3D drawing

Contact us and we will happily get you the industrial workbenches you want today.

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model el ergoline adjustable industrial workbench

Model EL
Ergoline Crank Adjustable Workbench (QS)

The Ergoline hand crank height adjustable industrial workbench reduces repetitive motion injury and increases productivity. Push button electric and tilting available upon request.

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model msii electric height adjustable workbench

Millennium Electric Height Adjustable (QS)

The Millennium II is an electric height adjustable work bench, this heavy duty industrial workbench has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. This unit includes a programmable switch - operators can preset up to three heights into memory.

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model basic industrial workbench

The Basics
Basic Workbench (QS)

The Basics is a cantilever workbench system. Accessory uprights are included in the base bench, the work surface adjusts from 30" to 36" high. The Basic is available as a single or double sided stand alone workbench. To keep cost down, add-on workbenches are available. In Stock two tone dark blue frame and black accessories.

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model technician station heavy duty industrial workbench

Model TSHD
Technician Station Heavy Duty Workbench (QS)

The Model TSHD comes complete as shown. Price includes base workbench. (Surface adjusts from 30" to 36"). Two drawers 6" and 12". Personal padlock drawer. Riser 12" deep x 18" high with six pre-wired outlets. And a 90 degree rolled front edge. ESD workbenches include ESD work surface and ESD shelf surface and a ground kit with two banana jacks.

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model complete packaging workbench

Model CPB
Complete Packaging Workbench (QS)

PROLINE's Complete Packaging Workbench (CPB) is sold complete with all accessories shown. These ship tables are pre-configured to meet all your needs. This pack bench includes lower shelf with dividers, mid shelf, power supply & bin holder, 12" deep shelf with dividers, overhead light, and 18" deep corrugated shelf with dividers. Surface adjusts from 30" to 36"

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model dimension next expandable workbenches

Model DN
Dimension Next Workbench (QS)

  • Expandable Modular Industrial Workbenches.
  • Single and double sided benches.
  • Add-on benches share an upright to keep down cost.
  • Ergonomic height adjustable work surfaces with 180 dregree rolled front edges.

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model cantilever industrial heavy duty work bench

Model CHD
Cantilever Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench (QS)

The Model CHD cantilever heavy duty industrial workbench permits easy station-to-station movement for progressive operations and delivers openness to the industrial work environment. Comes standard with a modesty panel for greater lateral support. Featuring our modular design allowing you to configure this workbench to meet your requirement.

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model lab heavy duty work bench

Model LHD
Lab Heavy Duty Workbench (QS)

The Model LHD is a four leg bench design built on the Model HD frame but modified to a standard height of 34".The footrest is mounted low on the leg to allow space for our modular cabinets. Easily add casters, cabinets or other modular accessories and design your own mobile industrial lab bench. Price includes a modesty panel. 5,000 pound capacity with evenly distributed weight.

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model heavy duty lab workbench

Model HDL
Heavy Duty Lab Workbench

The Model HDL is a sturdy four leg design lab workbench. Features include 4" front, back and side rails to support the work surface. 4" high rail allows the operator to sit at both sides. Includes PVC boots to protect each leg during clean-ups. Standard work surfaces choices are epoxy resin, stainless steel and economical Chem-Guard chemical restitant laminate. Standard height is 30" high. These lab benches make ideal student benches or equipment stands. Add leg extentions to make this lab bench height adjustable.

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model ergoline industrial heavy duty crank workbench

Model ELHD
Ergoline Heavy Duty Crank Adjustable Workbench

Ergo-Line Heavy Duty, Hand Crank Vertical Adjustment Industrial Workbench. Price includes footrest and modesty panel. 750 pound capacity. Optional push button electric available. Standard height adjusts from 30" to 42" high.

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model heavy duty stainless steel workbench

Model HDSS
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Workbench

The Model HDSS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Industrial Workbench incorporates the design of the Model HD four leg workbench in use since 1978, however it features a stainless steel metal frame. With a 8" back rail and 2" front rail, this station is built to last. Standard height 30"

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wire harnesses electric and manual

Wire Harnesses
Electric and Manual Height Adjustable

The EWH (Electric Height Adjust, Wire Harness) and the MWH (Manual Height Adjust, Wire Harness) workbenches are designed for the ergonomic assembly of wire harnesses. Work platform adjusts vertically and tilts on both models.

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model flex line workbench

Model FL
Flex-Line Workbench

The Flex-Line Panel System allows tops and accessories to be supported off both sides to afford additional workbench flexibility - single and/or dual sided placement of stations. Select the ESD option for ESD safe workbenches. Work surfaces adjust independent of uprights.

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model heavy duty pedestal workbench

Model PCP
Heavy Duty Pedestal Workbench

Heavy Duty Pedestal Workbenches (Series "PCP") featuring Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets 18" Wide x 26" Deep. Station shown with 6" high base. Glides allow for 1" of adjustment (Other heights available). When ordering two tone color scheme, please specify desired colors for housings and drawers.

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model flex line open frame

Model OF
Flex-Line Open Frame

Flex-Line Open Frame systems make ideal work stands over conveyors or when a complete workbench is not required. Our modular accessories easily mount to these fully welded structural steel metal frames. Frames are 3.250" thick double sided allowing options to be mounted on either side.

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model ergoline height adjustable packing bench

Ergoline Hgt. Adj. Complete Packing Bench

The ELHCPB combines two great PROLINE brand products, the convenience of our complete packaging station and the sturdy ergonomic design of our four post hand crank height adjustable workbench. Optionl push button electric available.

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model packing workbench

Model PB
Packing Workbench

PROLINE's PB Model Packaging Workbenches can be purchased complete with all accessories shown or remove those accessories not necessary for your application and add other accessories from our vast array of options. . It's easy with our modular design. Also shown is our cardboard storage stand and height adjustable scale stand.

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model enclosed cabinet work bench

Model ECB
Enclosed Cabinet Workbench

The ECB/HD Enclosed cabinet workbench built on the Model HD frame in use since 1979. This station allows you to neatly store and secure items in your plant. With our modular design you can easily add accessories to make this workbench meet your requirement. Shown with optional light shelf and power supply. (Standard height 30" high)

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model dimension next lab bench

Model DNL
Dimension Next Lab bench

  • Expandable Modular Lab Benches.
  • Single and double sided benches.
  • Add-on benches share an upright to keep cost down.
  • Height adjustable epoxy resin or H.D.P.E. work surfaces.
  • Optional accessories that mount to our Model DN are compatible.
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lab casework basic construction

Economy Lab Casework
Basic Construction:

  • Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets (casework) - 16 gauge steel.
  • Drawers offer 95% extension slides with 100 pounds capacity per drawer.
  • Recessed handles & Polished aluminum drawer/door hardware available, recessed handle shown.
  • Shown Two Tone Textured Blue & Textured Beige.
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cleanroom workbench

Model CR
Clean Room Workbench

The CR ia a Class 100 Cleanroom workbench. With 750 pound capacity, surface height can be adjusted from 30" to 36" high on 1" increments. Price includes Plexiglas on three sides to enclose the work surface. This cleanroom workbench comes with a 99.99% efficant HEPA filter. Dirty air is drawn in from the top through a 1" disposable pre-filter. The air then passes through the HEPA filter to create a curtain of air keeping dirty air out. Available standard with either an standard laminate worksurface or ESD worksurface.

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model retractable ball transfer bench

Model RT
Retractable Ball Transfer Workbench

Stations are in fixed locations, usually near conveyors or integrated into workbenches. "Pop Up" Ball transfers assist in transfer and positioning of materials in production. Ball transfers raise .250" above surface by activating pneumatic toggle switch. Work in process is then slid onto station. When load is in position , ball transfers are retracted and load is stabilized. Standard workbenches require 80 PSI of shop air to operate. Optional lever operation available.

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model gravity conveyor flow racking

Model POS
Point of Storage/Gravity Conveyor, Flow Racking

Store components at the point of use and eliminate material handling. Includes two adjustable tiers of 48" long rollers. Each tier includes (3)-9" wide rollers with front lip. Optional additional tiers of roller conveyor are available. Being built on the Basics platform allows you to accesorize this model to meet your requirement. The worksurface adjusts from 30" to 36" high. The rear frame is adjustable in and out so that you can position the front edge of the conveyor within reach of your operators.

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model belt conveyor workbench

Model BC
Belt Conveyor Workbench

Belt Variable speed belt conveyor built into our popular cantilever CHD workbench. Works great with progressive assembly applications. UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) work surface makes it easy to slide product on and off conveyor. Belts come in both standard and ESD polypropylene. Just pop in place, side by side and plug in! Belts have a capacity of 100 pounds. Energy efficant 115 V drawing .05 amps. The belts are available in four depthes 9", 12", 15" or 18". Self tracking / no tensioning required. No scheduled maintenance required. Variable speed from 2 to 25 FPM. Standard bench height is 34"

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model retractable ball transfer

Drop In Retractable Ball Transfer

The Drop In RBT (DIRBT) unit is the same construction as the work surface and ball grid of the RBT - with mounting rails matched to the inside frame dimension of your conveyor. When assembled, balls in UP position match height of the conveyor rollers and the load is moved along to the next station - no tugging or lugging. Control Valve mounts where needed. Pneumatic operation, 80 psi air supply needed.

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model mobile retractable ball transfer

Model MRBT
Mobile Retractable Ball Transfers

Mobile RBT units are ideal for building assemblies in place and moved to subsequent processing stages. Eliminate lifting strains. These retractable ball transfers are available with both lever and air operation. The air operated models need 60 psi. shop air. Avilable with both 6" x 6" pattern and 3" x 6" heavy duty pattern. The heavy duty lever operated model takes 25 pounds of pressure on the lever to lift 500 pounds on the transfers.

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scissor lifts mobile hydraulic

Scissor Lifts
Mobile Hydraulic Lifts

Portable Hydraulic Scissor Lifts enhance the portability of Mobile RBT units and can handle heavy loads easily. Six foot operated models with load ratings of 300 to 1500 lbs. Two battery operated lifts with 1,000 lbs capacity. Three height ranges to choose from. Three platform sizes to choose from. Purchase in conjunction with our Mobile Retractable Ball Transfer unit for effortless material handling.

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model cantilever heavy duty quad workbench

Cantilever Heavy Duty Quad Workbench

With PROLINE's "Quad" CHD work benches, you can easily set up cells for four workers to work comfortably. Built on our heavy duty CHD platform the cantilever design allows for a clear work space under the surface for ease of shifting work from one side to the other.

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model lan heavy duty bench

Model LNHD
L.A.N. Heavy Duty Workbench

With PROLINE's Modular Design it's easy to configure the LAN workbench you need. The LNHD is designed from our popular HD Model. The model shown is 72"L x 30"W x 94"H (overall height) to top of upright. Shown with heavy duty cantilever shelving, we also offer flat screen monitor rails with optional monitor mounts. This model features casters so this workbench can moved for cleaning.

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About PROLINE Industrial Workbenches: A Focus on Ergonomics

Ergonomics: Making the Workplace Healthier

Overall, the workplace has become safer, healthier, and more productive. What's more, it is a trend that has been ongoing for years and shows no signs of letting up.

A large percentage of this downward trend occurred in the area of Cumulative Trauma Disorders, or CTD's. This class of workplace injury is the result of small, repeated doses of damage rather than a single safety incident.

How do we explain the almost decade-long drop in these incidents? While there are many reasons, health promotion experts and organizations such as the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are quick to credit ergonomics as a primary factor. Ergonomics is the application of scientific information concerning humans to the design of objects, systems and environment for human use. In more specific workplace terms, it is defined as how companies design tasks and work areas to maximize the efficiency and quality of employees' work, while reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


Proline Industrial Workbenches Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of work surface do you suggest we use?

    The answer to the question has multiple answers, it depends on what type of work you are doing on the workbench.

    For most applications our PL plastic laminate work surface will work just fine. With our “T” mold edging these surface hold up well to most industrial applications. These surfaces are both economical and durable.
    For electronics repair or manufacturing our ESD work surface is the best choice. Paired with one of our optional ground kits you can safely work on printed circuit boards and sensitive electronics.
    For applications that require percussion or mounting of items to the surface like a vise. Our solid maple work surface is a good choice. 1.75” thick surfaces hold up well banging and are extremely sturdy when mounting items to it.
    For clean-room and medical applications we offer stainless steel work surfaces, these easy to clean surfaces are particle free.
    For lab requirements we offer three different standard surface choices, Chem-guard laminate for dry labs, epoxy resin surfaces for wet labs and our stainless-steel surface.
  • Do the Proline modular accessories mount onto all models?

    Yes they do, with so many models and optional accessories it would take a life time to photograph all of them. If it is pictured on our web site and it will mount to all of our models, just keep in mind when ordering just an accessory to use the model number in the part number as a suffix so we know what it is mounting to, an example would be our flat screen monitor mounting to the model Dimension Next, the part number would be FSMA/DN.
  • Can casters be mounted to any model?

    Yes they can, we have casters that can be purchased with the bench and retro-fit kits so that casters can be mounted in the field.
  • Can I get the work benches painted a different color?

    Our three main colors are light beige, light blue and light gray. Our LHD work bench is textured white.
    That being said we do offer other powder coat painted colors, the options can be viewed on our web site. We will also paint special colors matching an RAL number for a slight up charge and slightly longer lead-time.
  • What is the weight capacity of the work benches?

    The weight capacity of the work benches varies by model. Our model HD offers an impressive 5,000 pounds capacity, (look for the load test video on the web site). Our model EL is 330 lbs. capacity, our ELH is 750 pounds and our MVSII is 1,000 pounds. We also offer heavier duty benches for other applications.
  • What industries use Proline work benches?

    Electronic manufacturing and Electronic repair, avionics, military, warehousing and packaging, 3PL, schools, laboratory, medical facilities all use Proline workbenches. That is the advantage to our broad product offering.
  • What is an industrial workbench?

    An industrial work bench is used in an industrial business environment. They are heavy duty to withstand being worked on daily with multiple people through out the day. Normally they are outfitted with optional modular accessories so that the work bench is outfitted to meet the task at hand for the work to be performed.
  • What type of optional accessories are used on an industrial workbench?

    Based on the task to be performed at the bench, a company will outfit the bench to meet their particular task. Some of the most common accessories are, steel drawers, uprights, power supply, cantilever shelving, bin holders and overhead lighting. That is why Proline keeps all of these items in stock and ready to ship in five days or less.
  • Can an industrial workbench also be ergonomic?

    At Proline we keep ergonomics in mind on all of our models. All of our benches offer some type of height adjustability. Our model HD has a pull pin adjustment with either 6” or 12” of adjustment. Our Ergoline models both the EL and the heavy-duty height adjustable workbench the ELH have hand crank height adjustment, our millennium series the MVSII has 16” of adjustment with 1,000 pounds capacity. All of our modular accessories can be adjusted up and down on the uprights, with the combination of height adjustability on the work surface and the options adjusting on the uprights, all of Proline’s models are ergonomic industrial workbenches.
  • What are the most popular work surfaces for industrial work benches?

    The most popular work surface for industrial workbenches are the standard laminate surface with “T” mold edging. They are economical, easy to clean and durable. The 2 nd most popular is the ESD laminate with “T” mold edging, these are used when products need to be ESD safe or anti-static. The 3 rd most popular is solid maple, these work well when the work area will see very heavy parts or a lot of percussion on the surface or if you wanted to mount a vise or other heavy item directly to the surface.

Proline Industrial Workbenches are Made in the USA