Packaging Workstations

Model PB

packaging workbench

Proline's PB Model Packaging Workbenches can be purchased complete with all accessories shown or remove those accessories not necessary for your application. It's easy with our modular design.
Standard Height 30" with adjustment to 36" with provided Leg Extensions (HDLE-6). The extensions slip into the steel legs and allow adjustment in one inch increments, 6 inches maximum. Set of four included.
Capacity 1,000 lbs.

The illustration includes Optional Equipment. Click here.
packaging workbench


Stock No.DescriptionWgt. (lbs.)
HDLE-6 6" Leg Extenders 8
UR60 Accessory Upright Supports 7
PSH72 Paper Spool Holder 72" 5.91
USPSH72 Under Surface Spool Holder 6.5
MA-1 Articulating Monitor Arm 19
PBAMS1272 Adjustable Metal Shelf, 72 x 12 32.5
1212DIV 12" x 12" Steel Dividers 2
EMCS1272 Enclosed Metal Shelf 42
RSC36 Rotary Shear Cutter 11
packaging workbench

Model PB

72"L x 30"W x 30" H (Extensions to 36" Provided)

Top Work SurfaceStock #Wt.In Stock?
Plastic Laminate PB7230PL 255 No
ESD Laminate, Conductive PB7230ESD 255 No
Solid Maple, 1.75" PB7230SM 292 No

72"L x 36"W x 30" H (Extensions to 36" Provided)

Top Work SurfaceStock #Wt.In Stock?
Plastic Laminate PB7236PL 265 No
ESD Laminate, Conductive PB7236ESD 265 No
Solid Maple, 1.75" PB7236SM 309 No
packaging workbenchpackaging workbench

(Optional, Not Included, Shown in Illustration)

Accessory table facilitates keeping scale weighing surface even with work surface so packages can be slid onto scale, rather than hefted onto the scale. Scale stands come complete with a plastic laminate worksurface, and a set of HDLE-6 Leg Extenders that makes unit adjustable (to accomodate different height scales) from 24"H to 30"H.

Stock No.DescriptionWgt.
SCS2424 Scale Stand, 24W X 24L 46
SCS3030 Scale Stand, 30W x 30L 65
packaging workbenchcorrstd.jpg

(Optional, Not Included, Shown in Illustration)

Provides functional storage of boxes and sheet materials adjacent to packaging station. Keeps boxes clean and off the floor. Will protect corrugated in case of spills and other floor liquid events (waxing, washing, etc). Stops wasted trips to box inventory storage. Cardboard stand is 24"W x 36"L with 5 steel dividers 24"W x 24"H. Painted steel to match workstations.
Stock # CS2436, Description: Cardboard Stand,
Weight: 45 lbs., Call for pricing.