Retractable Ball Transfers


Inline RBT Stations

"Drop In" RBT (DIRBT) - fitted to your existing conveyors.


The Drop In RBT (DIRBT) unit is the same construction as the work surface and ball grid of the RBT - with mounting rails matched to the inside frame dimension of your conveyor. When assembled, balls in UP position match height of the conveyor rollers and the load is moved along to the next station - no tugging or lugging. Control Valve mounts where needed. Pneumatic operation, 60 psi air supply needed.

retractable ball transfer workbench


Standard Density (SD) Layout:
6" x 6" Ball Pattern

Stock No.SizeWt.
DIRBT2424SD 24"L x 24"W 58
DIRBT2430SD 24"L x 30"W 64
DIRBT2436SD 24"L x 36"W 88
DIRBT2448SD 24"L x 48"W 110

High Density (HD) Layout:
3" x 6" Ball Pattern

Stock No.SizeWt.
DIRBT2424HD 24"L x 24"W 69
DIRBT2430HD 24"L x 30"W 81
DIRBT2436HD 24"L x 36"W 109
DIRBT2448HD 24"L x 48"W 138

Common RBT Designations

Coverage: Half (HC) & Full (FC) Standard Density (SD), 6" x 6" Ball Pattern High Density (HD), 3" x 6" Ball Pattern

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