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Pro-Line has a variety of work surfaces to choose from. Pro-Lines standard work surface and our most popular is a plastic laminate surface with "T" mold edges. These surfaces are available in both standard and ESD laminate. With their radius corners and "T" mold edges, it is durable, economical and worker friendly. For class 100 clean room and below we offer a self edge work surface. These surfaces are finished on all four sides with square edges that match the work surface. For added clean room protection we can laminate the bottom of our self edge work surfaces and our rolled front edge surfaces.

Pro-Line also offers solid maple work surfaces. These work surfaces are 1.750" thick and both front and rear edges of the surface are eased for worker comfort.

Our stainless steel 16 gage 304 2B finish surface. They are 1.5" thick and both front and rear have an eased edge. Side edges are square.

Chem-Guard, Epoxy Resin and H.D.P.E. worksurfaces round out our selection of worksurfaces, each offering significant utility for biochemical and general laboratory tasks. Please review the test results for the Epoxy Resin worksurface by clicking here. See the manufacturer's website.

Should you need a work surface not listed here feel free to give us a call.

Work surfaces

Material Wt. /Stock? Size (L x D)Plastic Laminate .125"ESD Laminate .125"Solid Maple 1.75"Chem-Guard 1.25"H.D.P.E. 1"Black Epoxy Resin, 1"Stainless Steel 1.25"
48 x 30 WS4830PL
45 lbs./No
45 lbs./No
70 lbs./No
45 lbs./No
46 lbs./No
110 lbs./No
70 lbs./No
48 x 36 WS4836PL 54 lbs./No WS4836ESD 54 lbs./No WS4836SM 84 lbs./No WS4836CG 54 lbs./No WS4836HDPE 55 lbs./No WS4836ER 132 lbs./No WS4836SS 84 lbs./No
60 x 30 WS6030PL 56 lbs./Yes WS6030ESD 56 lbs./Yes WS6030SM 87 lbs./Yes WS6030CG 56 lbs./No WS6030HDPE 58 lbs./No WS6030ER 138 lbs./No WS6030SS 87 lbs./No
60 x 36 WS6036PL 68 lbs./Yes WS6036ESD 68 lbs./Yes WS6036SM 105 lbs./Yes WS6036CG 68 lbs./No WS6036HDPE 69 lbs./No WS6036ER 165 lbs./No WS6036SS 106 lbs./No
72 x 30 WS7230PL 68 lbs./Yes WS7230ESD 68 lbs./Yes WS7230SM 105 lbs./Yes WS7230CG 68 lbs./No WS7230HDPE 69 lbs./No WS7230ER 165 lbs./No WS7230SS 106 lbs./No
72 x 36 WS7236PL 81 lbs./Yes WS7236ESD 81 lbs./Yes WS7236SM 126 lbs./Yes WS7236CG 81 lbs./No WS7236HDPE 83 lbs./No WS7236ER 198 lbs./No WS7236SS 119 lbs./No
96 x 30 WS9630PL 90 lbs./No WS9630ESD 90 lbs./No WS9630SM 140 lbs./No WS9630CG 90 lbs./No WS9630HDPE 92 lbs./No WS9630ER 220 lbs./No Special Order
96 x 36 WS9636PL 108 lbs./No WS9636ESD 108 lbs./No WS9636SM 168 lbs./No WS9636CG 108 lbs./No WS9636HDPE 110 lbs./No WS9636ER 264 lbs./No Special Order
Edges: T Mold T Mold Eased Square Edge Eased Edge Square Edge Square Edge

workbench worksurfaces
Optional 180 and 90 degree Rolled Front Edge for Plastic Laminate and ESD Laminate Worksurfaces. Call for pricing.

In Stock:
60 x 30, 60 x 36, 72 x 30, and 72 x 36


Optional 180 and 90 degree Rolled Front Edge for Plastic Laminate and ESD Laminate Worksurfaces. Call for pricing.

In Stock:
60 x 30, 60 x 36, 72 x 30, and 72 x 36

We have the work surfaces you need for all of your workbench requirements.