Our workbench products integrate the worker, environment, and the job to be done. Workers are more productive when less fatigued, and less stress and strain on the body promote better morale and foster pride in workmanship. Management has the obligation (especially now that California has passed an ergonomic standard, and several additional states have or are in the process of developing similar legislation) to provide as safe an environment as possible for employees. Workplace safety has evolved to include the immediate here-and-now and the new dynamic to avoid future injuries caused by what OSHA identifies as "signal risk factors" Proline manufactures workstations, workbenches, and material handling equipment engineered to increase employee productivity, lower employee fatigue, and reduce the incident of Repetitive Motion Injury - benefits of ergonomic workbench design.

We offer two workbench product groups: The Proline Series workstations and workbenches and the Pro-Lab Series workstations and workbenches. Our Proline Series products are typical of general industrial and business operations. Proline workstations and workbenches offer enhanced modularity to maximize production line flexibilities and accommodate future needs. Applications range from: production assembly of piece goods at individual or conveyorized workstations, diagnostic repair or ECN stations, shipping and mailroom workstations and workbenches, computer L.A.N groups, wire harness fabrication, pedestal units offering modular storage cabinets with drawers and doors, material handling equipment to lift, slide or orient heavy components, ergonomic seating and a host of accessories for every product.

Our Pro-Lab Series workbenches add extensive casework (cabinets and pedestal units with drawers, doors, etc) options for biotechnology businesses and laboratories. Typical technologies including (but, not limited to): DNA research, gene detection, enzyme replacement, genetic and protein  engineering, cell culture, monoclonal antibodies, biosensors, and conventional wet chemical work and medical field specialties. Specialized worksurfaces offering enhanced chemical resistance and ease of cleaning are an integral part of the product line. Cleanroom workbenches are part of the Pro-Lab series and provide controlled environments for the most sensitive work tasks. ALL Proline Series products can be fully integrated for use in biotechnology and laboratory environments. Our modular Pro-Lab products allow you to respond as your needs change to support different workflow requirements. Enhanced flexibility with assured ergonomic integration of the worker and the task to be done.